Montag, 2. Juli 2012

july update

so the album is out and you can listen to it here:

we'll be a bit lazy during july and start recording again in august.
we try to set up a tour to germany in september and we are searching for people that can help us out with a show... we'll start on september the 13th and our route is like that...
we want to TOUR:

13th to 19th somewhere (or near )here:
münchen - augsburg - ulm - tübingen - stuttgard - offenburg - karlsruhr - darmstadt - frankfurt - köln
20th to  25th somewhere (or near )here:
dortmund - münster - groningen - bremen - hamburg - magdeburg - berlin
25th to 30th somewhere (or near )here:
leipzig - jena - dresden - chemnitz - zwickau - nürnberg - regensburg

if you want us to play somewhere at these please write me an email to

we are maximum of 3 people
we have equipment with us
we need some food and some money for gas
that's it, we just want to play some concerts (rehearsalroom show?! kitchen?!yes!)

ill update this as soon again, hope to get some dates confirmed soonish!

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